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15 May

What To Do About Roof Storm Damage

Springtime storms bring with it the potential for roof damage. After high winds or large hail, roof damage needs to be inspec...

15 Apr

Planning For A New Roof

It's always better to get your roof replaced BEFORE it fails. Here are some helpful tips to assist in planning and prepar...

15 Mar

Roof Leaks: Repair or Replace?

A leaking roof can often be patched and repaired, but sometimes, a close inspection by a licensed roofer can reveal pervasive...

15 Feb

Roofing Damage: To Repair or Replace?

When facing roof damage, property owners have a decision to make – a temporary repair or a roof replacement.

15 Jan

Transforming Your Home with a New Roof

An abundance of materials available in today's market means that the new roof you are dreaming of is likely in reach. Thi...